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Life as an Adempi Associate

Associates at Adempi


Working with Adempi, you get access to interesting projects and quality work without the downsides of being in a big consultancy. We have been stripping away the architecture that often weighs senior consultants down so that we can focus on doing what we love – the client work.


If you are great at what you do but just want to leave the targets and line management behind, we could be just the place. 

Some of our associates focus on providing particular services like bringing in regulatory change, delivering training courses or conducting mock FCA visits.  Some specialise in particular topic areas such as client money, AIFMD or anti-financial crime and provide our clients with support in those areas.  Others work directly with a range of our clients, either as a technical adviser or by providing hands-on support to them, acting as an extension of their compliance team.  


We offer something different from conventional consultancies.  If you're thinking about working more independently or are keen to leave the hours spent in management meetings behind, or think there is more to life than ever-increasing targets, we might be the place for you. 

Well regarded.

Clients are attracted to Adempi because of the expertise we bring and the pragmatic focus we have.  Our standards when it comes to the quality of advice and support clients receive are high. We take pride in every project and the relationships we have with our clients.


We know that the best work comes when we play to our strengths and we offer the arrangements to suit each individual.  All of our associates are self-employed but while some want to bring in clients and run their own client book, others want to client work without client management, and some want to work in specialist areas or on particular projects only.  


Even for specialists, there is something to be said for having a great team around you.  We value having colleagues that we can bounce tricky questions around with, refer work to, and rely on for cover when we're unavailable.  

Designed for flexible working.

Adempi was built with flexible working in mind and our systems, support and infrastructure have been designed to enable our associates to work in a way that best suits them without compromising the clients' experience.

Target free.

We do not set billing targets.  Each associate accepts the level and type of work that is right for them.


Our pipeline of work is consistently strong and provides opportunities for our associates to work on a variety of interesting projects.

Dena Chadderton and Gillian Roche-Saunders, founders of Adempi


Keen to find out more?  Let's talk.


To get the ball rolling, send us an email with your CV and any information you think would be useful.

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