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Changes to firm notification form (SUP 15)

The FCA has recently introduced changes to its firm notification form (SUP15) to improve the way in which firms can notify the regulator of a change in circumstances or event.

Under Principle 11 regulated firms and insolvency practitioners are expected to be both transparent and cooperative with the regulator, and disclose any information or incident relating to the firm of which the FCA would reasonably expect notice. 

Once received, the regulator then assesses the notifications to determine any risk to the consumer and or firm prior to the necessary action being taken.

Firms are now required to supply further information on the SUP15 form to make the notification process more efficient and enable high risk concerns to be identified sooner. Data to be submitted includes:

  • The firm name and reference number

  • Details of the approved person or appointed representative (if relevant)

  • Clarification if the notification is a breach or information only

  • Category of issue (drop down options will be supplied)

  • A summary of the issue

  • Contact information of the person submitting the form

Relevant additional documents relating to the notification can also be uploaded.

The new SUP15 form is already live and ready for use.


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