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Consumer Investments Market: a round table

Updated: May 22, 2021

Tuesday 9 November @ 10am

Via Zoom

If retail investors are important to your business model, the policy that will stem from the

FCA’s recent Call For Input on Consumer Investment Market could well have impact for you. The regulator is looking to reset how it draws the line between consumer protection and consumer choice, and this means that much of the structure we are familiar with when dealing with retail clients could be up for debate.

Adempi is hosting this interactive round table to enable attendees to explore the potential risks and opportunities with any change in view from the regulator. By sharing thoughts and concerns with others in the industry you can assess how important any changes should be to your planning and, should you decide to respond to the paper, what you could suggest to the FCA before the 15 December deadline.

It’s worth getting a feel for the Call for Input paper before the session but if you’re short on time you can get a flavour of it from the introductory blog post on our website.

The round table is designed with Senior Managers, sales/ product design staff and compliance teams in mind.


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