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Regulatory Initiatives Grid

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

The FCA has for the first time published a Regulatory Initiatives Grid which sets out the pipeline of regulatory change. The idea is to aid firms in understand in advance the plan around, and the timeframe for, changes that may impact their business model. The publication of this first iteration of the grid wa sbrought forward to give firms already dealing with the pandemic some certainty about what is ahead.

The Grid understandbly looks quiet until later 2020, allowing the regulators to diver their energies to helping firms and consumers through the pandemic as regulators. We had been aware that non-essential FCA intiatives are being delayed.

It is likley that the Grid will be updated in the coming weeks and months.

The Grid is the work of the Financial Services Regulatory Initiatives Forum which is made up of representatives of the Bank of England, Financial Conduct Authority, Prudential Regulation Authority, Payment Systems Regulator and the Competition and Markets Authority, with HM Treasury as an observer member.


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