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SFDR for UK asset managers | webinar

One of the topics that we keep receiving queries on is how the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, or SFDR, applies to asset managers in the UK and their products.

In many ways that is no surprise. Between the delays to SFDR level 2 details being published, and a lack of clarity until late in the day as to how SFDR would apply in the UK post-Brexit, the Disclosure regulation has been a tricky subject to get a grip of.

In last week's webinar, Gillian took a look at:

  • the purpose of the regime and who is in scope,

  • how the regime applies in the UK, even if it is not directly applicable,

  • what other ESG disclosure obligations might apply to your firm, and

  • which aspects of SFDR could apply to UK asset managers based on marketing plans, relationships with EU firms and the need to be comparable with EU providers.

You can access the replay of our webinar by clicking the button below.

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