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Applying for S21 Approvals: a VC round table

Updated: Jan 11

Did you know that any firm wanting to approve financial promotions for third parties, such as investee companies, must apply to secure a new permission from the FCA by 6th February 2024?

Q&A session with audience members

With less than 4 weeks to go until this submission deadline Adempi is hosting a VC round table on Tuesday 16th January from 11am - 12.30pm for firms applying for this new permission.

Note that firms who do not apply by 6th February will be unable to approve any future third-party promotions until a new variation of permission is approved by the FCA.

Come and join Gillian Roche Saunders and Dena Chadderton, together with your fellow industry professionals, to share and discuss the issues that may arise during the S21 application process.

Date: 16th January 2024

Time: 11am - 12.30pm

Location: Zoom


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