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What ESG information can advisers expect of EIS, VCT and BR Managers?

Updated: May 31, 2022

With the increasing public awareness of environmental issues and climate change, investors now want tax-advantaged investments with an ESG or Impact focus.

With this in mind Intelligent Partnership has recently published "An Advisers's Guide to ESG: tax-advantaged investments" to help financial advisers deliver both tax efficiency and ESG for their clients.

This first edition guide looks at environmental, social and governance, with a particular focus on how this looks in tax-advantaged investments and the potential complexities. It offers advisers a range of practical tips, case studies and both regulatory and due diligence guidance.

Gillian Roche-Saunders, Partner at Adempi Associates, has contributed to the guide with a regulatory thought-leadership piece on what information advisers can expect of EIS, VCT and BR managers, looking in particular at the new FCA disclosure rules that will soon apply to asset managers and asset owners in terms of labelling products.

The FCA have currently proposed both an entity-level and product-level disclosure that will need to be produced annually, though not all products will need both.

Read Gillian's full article on page 44 of the Guide


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